Extreme politicians have promised to work hard to restrict access to essential reproductive health services by advancing unconstitutional and medically unnecessary regulations, such as federal abortion bans. In fact, in just the first few days of the new Congress, extremists introduced several bills to make it harder, if not impossible, for a woman to get an abortion if she needs one.   

Even if we disagree about abortion, we can agree it’s better that each person can make her own decision. Sadly, some politicians remain obsessed with obstructing a woman’s personal, private decisions.

The ACLU works hard to protect abortion access and stop attempts to interfere with women’s personal health care choices. In 2014, our work helped to finally secure insurance coverage for abortion for women serving in the Peace Corps whose lives are in danger or who are survivors of rape or incest. Our work was fundamental to advancing the Shaheen Amendment, which provides health care equity to women serving in the military.

We expect misguided politicians to continue trying to interfere in these personal, private decisions, but with your help we will stand strong to stop them.

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