State-level legislation is ground zero for attempts to restrict abortion. From Texas and Pennsylvania to Ohio, Wisconsin, and Alabama, politicians in state capitals are working extremely hard to prevent a woman from getting an abortion or to shame her out of having one. Whether it’s forced waiting periods, medically unnecessary and humiliating procedures, or flat-out bans, some politicians are determined to block abortion access.

Adding insult to injury, many politicians claim that these restrictions are necessary to protect women’s health, even though they can put a woman at risk by delaying care or forcing quality health care providers to close.

Here’s the bottom line: Abortion is already extremely safe—99 percent safe, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It’s mean-spirited for a politician to interfere just because he disagrees with a woman’s decision.

Even if we disagree about abortion, we can agree it’s better that each person can make her own decision.

Additional Resources

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The ACLU enlisted the help of comic artist Jen Sorensen to help illustrate (literally) the coordinated national efforts of anti-abortion groups across the country to outlaw women’s health clinics and block access to abortion care. Jen uses sharp wit and humor to reveal the tactics our opponents are using to undermine our private and personal decisions. READ the comic here.

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A Heartbreaking Situation Made Worse by Politicians

Missouri is now one of three states that forces a woman seeking an abortion to delay getting the care for several more days after she has already made her decision. No woman should be treated like she’s not capable of making her own decisions, and no family should have to go through what the Kendalls went through. WATCH the video here.


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