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Energy, Anger and Hope at Stupak Lobby Day

Alysia Melnick,
Maine Civil Liberties Union
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December 2, 2009

I'm sitting in a room in D.C. after a 12-hour bus ride — juiced up on caffeine and raring to go! The grassroots lobbyists sitting beside me are filled with energy excitement, anger and hope. We are angry about the Stupak abortion coverage ban, but hopeful about what we can accomplish today to end the anti-women, anti-choice politics represented by the ban. We are high school students and elderly retirees, clergy and laypeople, women and men, parents and children — standing together to send a united message. We are telling our government that women's access to abortion can't be tossed aside as a bargaining tool or further stigmatized by separating it from the rest of women's health coverage. We will be heard!

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