Kentucky Abortion Ban, Here We Go Again

For the third time in two years, the ACLU has sued Kentucky for blocking access to abortion. We’ve been here before. Once again, the Kentucky General Assembly passed a bill that limits abortion access and, once again, Gov. Matt Bevin signed it into law.

The new law, signed yesterday, makes it a crime for doctors at Kentucky’s last remaining abortion clinic to perform a safe and medically proven abortion procedure known as dilation and evacuation, or “D&E.” Leading medical experts such as the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists oppose this type of abortion restriction. Earlier this month, an evidence-based and non-partisan report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine described D&E as a “superior method” of abortion after 16 weeks, finding that it is extremely safe with minimal complications.

While the law was being considered in the legislature, two obstetrician-gynecologists testified against the ban, pointing out that a woman’s health, not politics, should drive important medical decisions. But lawmakers disregarded the comments and expertise of these medical professionals and passed the bill anyway.

The advocacy director of the ACLU of Kentucky also testified in opposition to the bill, stating that similar bans in Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas have all been blocked when challenged in court. But lawmakers disregarded her comments, too. Women came to the Capitol to share their abortion stories and faith leaders came to ask legislators to respect peoples’ autonomy to make their own decisions. Lawmakers disregarded all of their comments.

This restriction is part of a national strategy to push abortion out of reach. Since January 2011, state lawmakers around the country have enacted more than 400 new restrictions on abortion that force patients to delay care, shut down clinics, and make abortion care unaffordable. Last year in Kentucky, the ACLU sued and successfully blocked an attempt to force doctors to narrate an ultrasound before an abortion procedure. The state is now appealing that decision. We also sued to keep the doors at Kentucky’s last clinic open when the state attempted to enforce unconstitutional and medically unnecessary restrictions that would have forced the clinic to shut down. We’re waiting for a judge’s ruling in that case.

Kentucky politicians are determined to limit a woman’s ability to get safe and affordable abortion care. But we won’t turn from this fight. We are determined to battle them in court so that Kentuckians can get the care they need and the right to decide what happens to their bodies.

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Dr. Timothy Leary

They should not call it D & E. It sounds to much like B & E. (Breaking and Entry) People are likely to take it the wrong way.


I pray the ACLU loses. Abortion is murder.


Not according to the Supreme Court, and Our Constitution. You have no right to make those decisions for others. If you don't believe in abortion by all means, don't get one!


No, it isn't, because an embryo or fetus before six months gestation is not a human life. What makes a life human is the capacity to think and feel like a human, and an embryo or fetus before six months gestation does not have that capacity. Keep your laws off my body.


I would have REJOICED had Stanley Ann Dunham had an abortion in mid-June/July of 1961.

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be!

THAT would be an abortion I can believe in.


So Mother Teresa, tell me, what's your plan for all these god forsaken children who will be born with horrible disabilities? Drug addicted and mentally challenged? Products of rape and
deaths of mothers?

You are a monster.


I totally agree, it is murder, regardless how you spin it. I'm happy that our gov and legislators are fighting for the rights of all these unborn babies, they have rights just like the mother, unfortunately the ACLU doesn't care about these babies. If a "mother" wants an abortion let her go to another state, it wont kill her to travel a few miles!


My body, My mind, My morals My soul with My Maker on My judgement day! And not to be decided by Mortal judgemental human beings on this earth. STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS AND LEAVE MY BODY AND MY DECISIONS TO ME!


A woman shall have the right to do with her body, what she wants! Let alone please if abortion goes back to being illeagal we will be going backwards! Women need to have safe options! No more back alley's , no more wire hangers, no more deaths! Because a woman was scared! You don't know what she is going through, how she came to this decision. What happens if the baby has no brain , this poor mom will have to carry the child bond then 30 mins or less this child will be gone. This is more cruel to the parent(s) . What is she can't take care of the child? Not all children get adopted, and some that do don't have a great life! The decision this woman has to go through is awful! Women need a choice!


How does a woman get pregnant and need an abortion? CASTRATE men and that would take care of it! I'm sure there are veterinarians in Kentucky who know how to do it!


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