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Hello, Alabama? Can You Hear Us Now?

Illustration of two women back to back embracing their pregnant bodies.
Illustration of two women back to back embracing their pregnant bodies.
Elissa Berger,
Advocacy and Policy Counsel,
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May 3, 2012

More and more politicians are (finally) getting the message: stop interfering in a woman’s personal and private decisions. Last month, Idaho rejected a proposal mandating ultrasounds for women and just last week, the Oklahoma legislature decided against a bill that would have suggested fertilized eggs have legal rights.

Despite these clear signals, some politicians in Montgomery, Alabama just aren’t getting the message.

This year, the Alabama legislature has entertained proposals that could require ultrasounds before an abortion, allow discrimination in the health care system by allowing medical care professionals to deny a woman the care she needs, and turn the clock back on medical practice by preventing doctors from administrating medication used in abortion at the doses that are right for their patients.

Just yesterday, a committee of legislators considered proposals of the worst kind. They reviewed a suggestion to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs, moved forward legislation designed to shut down women’s health clinics, and approved a proposal that would take away comprehensive insurance for women by preventing health plans from even offering coverage for abortion care. Some say there’s no war on women? Well, Alabama is on the frontlines.

Taking away insurance benefits that most women already have and closing women’s health centers because some people are opposed to abortion is as extreme as it is dangerous. And while lawmakers in other states have realized that this is not the time to make it harder for women to take care of themselves and their families, a few extremists in Alabama haven’t gotten the message.

On the front lines of the war on women, the people of Alabama have a battle cry: Enough is Enough. Hundreds of women and men in Alabama are telling the extremists at the capitol to stop playing politics with women’s health. We can join them. Send a message now to the Chair of Alabama House Rules Committee to say “Enough is Enough.” Let him know that it is important to block legislation that could take away insurance coverage, close health care centers, and let medical professionals deny services when a woman needs them. Share this blog with your friends on Facebook. Let’s make sure our battle cry is heard.

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