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#LetsTalk About Abortion

Erin White,
Communications Manager,
ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project
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October 24, 2014

Research shows that nearly one in three women will have an abortion by the time she turns 45. Yet, far too often, we still think of abortion as a dirty word, not fit for polite company.

It's long past time for that to change. And thankfully, we're seeing signs that change is already on its way.

Elle Magazine spread

This month, Elle magazine featured a moving first-person account of features editor Laurie Abraham's abortion. We're working with Elle to make sure lots of people know about this must-read story and to generate some conversation about the "A" word, which has become a sort of invisible scarlet letter.

To make sure people don't miss this important piece, Elle has launched a campaign asking readers to #BookMarkIt and leave it in a public place – like the subway, in your company kitchen, or on a trend machine at the gym ­– and snap a picture of it. Afterward upload it to Facebook and tag ACLU Nationwide and Elle Magazine so we can add yours to our gallery.

Or help us keep the conversation going on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #LetsTalk and #1in3.

Elle Magazine spread

Because no matter how you talk about it, abortion should never be considered a dirty word.

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