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Texas Bill Would Require Women To Take Adoption Class Before Abortion

Becca Cadoff,
Reproductive Freedom Project
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August 1, 2013

I’ve had it. Dozens of restrictions to abortion access have already passed this year across the country, with Texas in the national spotlight. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, politicians in the Lone Star State have stepped up to the plate, yet again, to restrict women’s health in what may be one of the most demeaning ways yet.

Earlier this week, Texas State Sen. Eddie Lucio introduced a bill that would require a woman to take a three-hour class on adoption before she could get an abortion. Keep in mind that a woman in Texas already has to undergo counseling before getting an abortion, and the state’s materials include information about adoption.

This can’t be serious.

Does Sen. Lucio think we’re stupid? Does the Texas legislature think that women don’t know about adoption? Do our elected officials really believe that women can’t make complex decisions? It seems that way, doesn’t it.

Maybe we should require our elected officials to take a class on women. Maybe these politicians need to have someone explain to them that women have brains just like men, and like men, we can make our own decisions about our lives, and our families.

We all need to be able to make informed decisions about the medical care we seek, but this bill implies that women don’t know how to find this information and make these important decisions on their own. We should make sure all options are available to every woman, and ensure that each woman receives unbiased counseling and accurate education. But the information should not be intended to shame or pressure the woman into changing her mind or making a decision that is not right for her. This bill is political interference, not informed consent.

It’s time for legislators to listen to medical experts, to their constituents, to common sense. It’s time to leave these personal, private decisions to us. Legislators should get out of our doctors’ offices. Tell your legislators that you are not stupid.

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