The ACLU's work to defend and promote equality, liberty, democracy, and justice is organized around three Centers. The Centers serve as focal points for strategic thinking and collaborative initiatives involving the Legal Department, the Communications Department and the Affiliate Support and Advocacy Department.

The Centers are designed to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to advocacy. For that reason, each Center brings together ACLU litigators, lobbyists, communications specialists, policy experts and state advocates from throughout the organization to plan and implement the ACLU's program and goals.

The Affiliate Support and Advocacy Department works with ACLU affiliates throughout the country to develop effective advocacy strategies at the state level, and thereby further the vision of the ACLU's founders of a nationwide organization that is both responsive to local needs and unified in its pursuit of national priorities.

The ACLU is proud of what we've accomplished in over 100 hundred years. With this structure in place, the ACLU is committed to remaining a dynamic defender of civil liberties for the next 100 years and beyond.

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