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I Wish #Motorcyclevagina Were Trending for a Better Reason

Becca Cadoff,
Reproductive Freedom Project
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July 10, 2013

A lot has happened in North Carolina this week, and it’s only Wednesday! If you haven’t been able to keep track of it all, here’s the skinny.

First, over 60 activists were arrested at the Capitol on Monday after thousands showed up to protest sweeping anti-abortion measures that were rushed through the House last week. The rally was part of an ongoing outrage against other bills that have been considered this legislative session.

Second, Governor Pat McCrory, who had previously said that he would not sign any legislation that would limit a woman’s access to abortion, has publically stated that he will veto the bill if it makes its way to his desk. You can tell him to stick to his promise here.

But instead of allowing the Governor’s concerns with the bill to be amended according to normal procedure, today the House attached a set of sweeping anti-abortion provisions to yet another completely unrelated bill. Again, with no public notice. This time, legislators think that motorcycles and pregnancies are the same thing. Secret: they’re not. Although, come to think of it, pregnant ladies would look great in helmets and leather jackets, right?


Politicians in North Carolina must think we are stupid. They are trying to play doctor, and they must think we won’t notice, that we won’t fight back against these attacks that hurt – not help – women’s health. Well, we’re not stupid. We notice. We will continue to #standwithNCwomen. We are fighting back. And we will not back down.

*Well, maybe they would (who doesn’t love a great leather – or faux if that’s your thing – jacket), but that is for each woman to decide. Not something that should be legislated.

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