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With the U.S Capitol in the back ground thousands of demonstrators march on Pennsylvania Avenue during the Women's March in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021.
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2023 in Review: The Latest on the Stories That Made Our Year

December 14, 2023

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2023 is coming to a close, and we have weathered so much this year. At the ACLU, we continue to fight for civil rights and civil liberties across the country. We’re prying open every opportunity for abortion access and reproductive health care following the overturn of Roe, blocking trans health care bans nationwide, filing lawsuits to curb the rise in book bans and educational censorship, and advocating for racial equity after the elimination of affirmative action and continued attacks on voting rights. So today, we’re highlighting some of the most notable episodes from the year, which also happen to be some of our favorites. We’ll chat about what we enjoyed, how they came to be, and where the issues we reported on stand today. We hope you enjoy it.

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