The world we want respects people's personal and private decisions about forming intimate relationships and building secure and healthy families. The ACLU works to ensure that everyone has the resources to make these decisions responsibly: from sex education to birth control to prenatal care to the option of abortion.

More than forty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that secured a woman’s right to abortion. Since then, extremist politicians have been trying to take that decision out of a woman’s hands.

In some states, politicians are pushing through laws that ban most abortions. In others, they are doing everything they can to shut down the health centers that many women rely on for basic reproductive health services, including abortion care. Some politicians are even trying to end programs that provide birth control, putting women at high risk for unplanned pregnancy.

The ACLU works every day to stop this attack on reproductive freedom. We may not all feel the same way about abortion, but we can agree that deciding whether and when to become a parent is one of the most private and important decisions a person can make. It is time for politicians to stop interfering and to stop playing politics with women’s health care.


Stealth Attack: What You Need to Know About the New Abortion Laws

The ACLU has enlisted the help of comic artist Jen Sorensen to help illustrate (literally) the coordinated, national efforts that anti-abortion groups are waging across the country to outlaw women's health clinics and block access to abortion care. Jen uses sharp wit and humor to reveal the tactics our opponents are using to undermine our private and personal decisions.
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A Heartbreaking Situation Made Worse by Politicians

Missouri may soon become one of three states that would block a woman needing an abortion from getting care for 72 hours. No family should have to go through what the Kendalls went through.
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They Think We’re Stupid (Campaign)

There are extremist politicians across the country who think we are stupid. They are proposing (and in some cases passing) dangerous measures designed to rob women of the services they need to make personal decisions about pregnancy free from political interference. The ACLU is at the frontlines -- at statehouses and in the courtrooms across the country to stop these extreme attacks on women’s health. Stand with us and tell those who seek to undermine our private and personal decisions that you are NOT stupid.
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Take Action: Help Us Fight Back the Attacks on Reproductive Freedom

States across the country are competing with each other to pass the most extreme abortion bans and the cruelest attacks on women's health care. Tell them enough is enough.
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States Where They Think We’re Stupid

During the 2013 state legislative sessions more than 300 abortion restrictions were introduced by lawmakers across the country– including some of the most extreme we’ve seen in years. This map shows the states that saw major threats to, and new laws, restricting abortion access.
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In the Courts: ACLU Reproductive Freedom Cases

The Reproductive Freedom Project works to ensure that our government respects and supports reproductive freedom for all. Learn more about our litigation efforts here.
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In the States: Legislative Attacks on Abortion

Read the most recent blog posts on extreme laws that would rob women of the services they need to make personal decisions about pregnancy free from political interference.
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