Supreme Court Cases

Young v. United Parcel Service, Inc. Decided

Reproductive Freedom, Womens' Rights

3/25/2015 - Whether the Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits an employer from denying a light-duty accommodation to pregnant workers that is available to other employees.

Bourke v. Beshear - Freedom to Marry in Kentucky

Lesbian and Gay Rights

3/17/2015 - Whether it is unconstitutional for a state to deny same-sex couples an equal right to marry and to deny recognition to same-sex couples from another state.

Obergefell, et al. v. Hodges - Freedom to Marry in Ohio

Lesbian and Gay Rights

3/17/2015 - Whether it is constitutional for a state to refuse to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.

Kingsley v. Hendrickson

Prisoners' Rights

3/11/2015 - Whether the Constitution protects pretrial detainees against the unreasonable use of force regardless of the subjective motivation of the guards using that force.

Walker v. Sons of Confederate Veterans

Free Speech

2/20/2015 - Whether Texas violated the First Amendment by refusing to allow a specialty license plate bearing the Confederate Flag because its message was deemed offensive to many members of the public.

City and County of San Francisco v. Sheehan

Disability Rights

2/13/2015 - Whether the ADA's requirement to make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities applies to arrests and detentions.

Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, et al.

Voting Rights

1/26/2015 - Whether an independent redistricting commission created by Arizona voters through the initiative process is constitutional.

Holt v. Hobbs Decided

Religious Freedom

1/20/2015 - Whether Arkansas prison officials violated a federal law designed to protect the religious rights of prisoners when they denied petitioner an exemption to grow a one-half inch beard in compliance with his religious beliefs.

Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project

Racial Equality, Womens' Rights

1/20/2015 - Whether housing policies that have a disproportionate impact on racial minorities and women violate the anti-discrimination provision of the federal Fair Housing Act.

John F. Kerry, Secretary of State, et al., v. Fauzia Din

Judicial Review

1/20/2015 - Whether a U.S. citizen can obtain judicial review of a consular decision to deny her spouse a visa.

Armstrong v. Exceptional Child Center Decided

Access to Justice

12/23/2014 - Whether private individuals may raise a claim that a state law is inconsistent with federal law by suing directly under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch

Religious Freedom

12/10/2014 - Whether an employer can decline to hire a job applicant based on her perceived religious needs without any consideration of possible accommodations unless the job applicant specifically raises the issue.

Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar

Free Speech

11/24/2014 - Whether a candidate for judicial office can be disciplined for sending out a mass mailing soliciting small donations and support.

Elonis v. United States

Free Speech

8/22/2014 - Whether the government is required to prove that someone prosecuted for making threatening statements intended his words to be taken as a threat.

Jesinoski v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Decided

Defending Targets of Discrimination, Racial Justice

7/28/2014 - Whether the Truth in Lending Act entitles homeowners to rescind their mortgage commitment by notifying the lender in writing within the period specified by the statute, or whether the homeowner must file a lawsuit to make the rescission effective.

Heien v. North Carolina Decided

Criminal Justice

6/17/2014 - Whether a traffic stop based on a police officer’s mistaken understanding of the traffic laws violates the Fourth Amendment.

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