Hold CBP Accountable for Abuse
Customs and Border Patrol agents are running wild in our border regions, terrorizing local residents. It's time we held them accountable.
Win a Trip to NYC!
The votes are in and the five fabulous couples who won the My Big Gay (Il)legal Wedding contest are coming to New York to celebrate their love. Are you ready to crash the party?
End NSA Surveillance
Right now, there is good, bipartisan legislation—the USA FREEDOM Act— pending in the House and Senate that would stop the worst of the NSA's domestic spying excesses.
End Workplace Discrimination
Today, under federal law, it is still entirely legal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. But with a stroke of his pen, President Obama can protect 26 million workers.
Ban Solitary for Kids
47,000 ACLU supporters took action to ban solitary for kids in federal custody. Watch the video that helped sparked the movement.

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  • A Gang Sign or School Pride?
    Dontadrian was suspended for a photo that the school thought involved a gang sign. It turns out he was representing his football jersey. We need to end 'zero tolerance'.
  • Contraception under attack
    The CEO of the arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby is trying to block access to contraception for his 13,000 employees.