Need papers to pee?
Don't let Florida turn discrimination against trans people into law.
Protect real net neutrality
Tell your elected representative to step back and let the FCC do their job.
Tell the U.S. government to free Slahi. The U.S. has never charged Slahi with a crime. The U.S. is currently holding him indefinitely despite his innocence. Will you urge the Department of Defense to free Slahi?
Protect Women's Decisions
Make sure Congress hears us loud and clear – interfering with women’s healthcare decisions is a failing agenda.
Accountability for torture
We can’t undo the damage that was done, but we can declare today that it won’t stand unexamined. Ask Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor.

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  • Invasion of the Data Snatchers
    New technologies are making it easier for private companies and the government to learn about everything we do!
  • Young, Scared, Alone and in Court
    No child should face an immigration judge alone. Call on President Obama to provide legal representation to all children facing deportation.