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President Trump’s Campaign Promises Stick With Us — They Should Stick With Him, Too

If candidates know that courts will ignore campaign rhetoric, they will be freer to ride to office on a wave of hatred.

By Matthew Segal
March 27, 2017

The Government Is 'Incidentally' Sucking up Tens of Millions of Americans’ Communications a Year, And It’s a Privacy Nightmare

Here’s how the NSA and FBI surveil Americans.

By Neema Singh Guliani
March 23, 2017

What Does Nonpartisanship Look Like in the Age of Trump?

As the ACLU embarks on a new chapter of grassroots organizing, it will maintain its commitment to nonpartisanship.

By Anthony D. Romero
March 17, 2017

We’ll See You in Court, 2.0: Once a Muslim Ban, Still a Muslim Ban

The evidence continues to be overwhelming that the most recent executive order was intended to discriminate against Muslims.

By David Cole
March 6, 2017

Jeff Sessions Must Now Tell America the Whole Truth

No one is above the law — certainly not those sworn to uphold it.

By Faiz Shakir
March 2, 2017

President Trump’s Speech Last Night Ignored the Human Misery and Fear He Has Already Inflicted

The ACLU wasn't fooled by President Trump’s speech last night, and we have not yet begun to fight.

By Faiz Shakir
March 1, 2017

Trump Is Violating the Constitution

The president is supposed to serve the American people, not himself.

By David Cole
February 20, 2017

The 75th Anniversary of E.O. 9066 Is a Solemn Reminder to Fight Back Against the Trump Administration’s Fearmongering

Seventy-five years ago, FDR made one of the most disastrous decisions in American history.

By Dorothy M. Ehrlich
February 19, 2017

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