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As Obama’s Presidency Comes to an End, Take Some Time to Reflect but Never Forget to Keep Climbing

On Martin Luther King Day, the director of the ACLU's racial justice program reflects on Obama’s legacy.

By Dennis Parker
January 15, 2017

Dissent Is Patriotic. It’s Also a Powerful Antidote to Propaganda.

In 1961, the ACLU successfully fought back against McCarthyism and demonstrated that lies can wither in the face of truth.

By Bethany Woolman
January 11, 2017

Trump and Sessions: Great for the Private Prison Industry, Terrible for Civil Rights

With Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, the private prison industry will have a direct line to President Trump.

By Carl Takei, Katie Egan
January 5, 2017

Can We Fire the Electoral College? Probably Not, but We Can Put It Under New Management

The states have the constitutional power to transform the Electoral College into a democratic institution.

By Susan N. Herman
December 19, 2016

The California Transportation Department Is Cruelly and Unconstitutionally Destroying Homeless People’s Belongings

The ACLU of Northern California and allies have filed a class-action lawsuit to end the raids on homeless encampments.

By Michael Risher
December 15, 2016

Why I Joined My Fellow Vets at Standing Rock This Weekend

I went to Standing Rock to serve my country again in solidarity with the brave people fighting for their rights.

By Tom Petersen
December 5, 2016

No, President-Elect Trump, You Can’t Get Locked Up or Lose Your American Citizenship for Political Speech

Donald Trump tweeted that Americans who burn the flag should be punished. That’s unconstitutional for two reasons.

By Lee Rowland
November 29, 2016

My Mother Was Incarcerated in an Internment Camp as a Child. She Tells Us 2016 Reminds Her of 1942.

The lessons of internment should be clear: Racial and religious profiling are never warranted.

By Julia Harumi Mass
November 22, 2016

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