The Round-Up

Examining our country's addiction to mass incarceration

Behind Many ‘Mom and Pop’ Bail Bonds Shops Is a Huge Insurance Corporation Out to Profit From Misery

Every year, money bail boosts bail insurance corporations’ profits at the expense of millions of low-income people of color.

By Margaret Dooley-Sammuli
May 11, 2017

I Spent More Than 6 Years in Prison. Now I’m Deputy Director of the ACLU’s Campaign for Smart Justice.

The Smart Justice Campaign’s 50-state plan will be a driving force in ending mass incarceration in the U.S.

By Bill Cobb
April 19, 2017

Kalief Browder’s Tragic Death and the Criminal Injustice of Our Bail System

The cash bail system in America damages and takes lives.

By Udi Ofer
March 15, 2017

Court Leaders Nationwide Send Message to Debtors’ Prisons: Courts Are Not ATMs.

Being poor shouldn’t be a crime. New guidelines direct judges to make sure it isn’t.

By Nusrat Choudhury
February 6, 2017

James Burns Chose to Go Back Into Solitary Confinement for 30 Days, and He Livestreamed His Experience to Show the World Its Cruelty

James Burns suffered through solitary confinement as a young man. He went back between the walls to push for its abolition.

By Amy Fettig
January 10, 2017

In Stunning Reversal, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Advisors Urge Homeland Security to Shift Away from Private Prisons

With people’s lives hanging in the balance, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson should move quickly to reduce for-profit detention.

By Carl Takei, Joanne Lin
December 2, 2016

My Son Has Been In Prison For 30 Years. Parole Reform Could Bring Him Home.

Over three decades in prison my son has become a new man. If parole isn’t for him, then parole has to change.

By Sandra Berry-Hankins
November 29, 2016

It’s Time to Decriminalize Personal Drug Use and Possession. Basic Rights and Public Health Demand It.

When it comes to personal drug possession, the scales of justice are out of balance and need recalibration now.

By Tess Borden
October 14, 2016

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