Jeff Sessions Leaves a Dark Mark on the Justice Department

Under almost any other circumstances, the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be a moment for dancing in the streets. Sessions oversaw a Justice Department that systematically undermined civil liberties and civil rights.

But his departure portends no improvement on these fronts. And the fact that President Trump fired him, notwithstanding his faithful advancement of the president’s agenda, should raise alarm bells.

Sessions leaves the Justice Department far less committed to justice than he found it. Under President Barack Obama, the department expanded the rights of LGBTQ individuals, responded aggressively to police abuse, directed federal prosecutors to use their charging discretion wisely to reduce mass incarceration, promoted voting rights, reduced reliance on private prisons and commuted lengthy sentences imposed on nonviolent drug offenders. Sessions could not reincarcerate the men and women whose sentences Obama commuted, but he reversed virtually everything else.

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Dem politicians better have the balls to take every norm Republicans destroyed and push it to the absolute maximum degree of savagery. I want every political appointee to be on record saying Christians have no place in government, that every government agency should refocus its priorities on discrimination against rural whites, that laws shouldn't apply to Democrats. And much, much worse.

There's no way to win when one side can cheat without sufficient repercussions to deter them. They created this world. I want it to ruin them.


So you live in that zone where, two wrongs makes a right?


There seems to be strong prima facia evidence that the Sessions Justice Department directly defied the federal courts “Judicial Review” powers. It appears Sessions continued Ashcroft’s abuses of the “Federal Material Witness Statute” even after that practice was outlawed by the courts. For those unfamiliar, Ashcroft used it to impose “totalitarian” tactics over any U.S. citizen. The U.S. Department of Justice decided if you were allowed to have a job, what type employment you were allowed to have and then abused U.S. citizens in whatever job they were allowed to perform. Basically Cointelpro on steroids! This practice is also a felony under the Federal Criminal Code.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

I don't think that we should be too hard on Mr. Sessions. After all, he was just one of Trump's minions. Being offered the job of the United States Attorney General is a hard position to turn down when is offered to you. His termination by Uncle Donald is proof that he was not a true Trumpnik.


Right . . . he had no obligation to even tell the truth to Congress during his Senate review. Dr. Leary, you know you can't have both names don't you?

Dr. Victor Fran...

And which would you prefer Leary or Goebbels ?


Go with Dr. Kavorkian instead. You seem to enjoy dark humor.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

Being fired by Donald Trump is like being fired from Enron, the Nazi Party, or the Ku Klux Klan.


President Trump might want to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions why is he STILL COVERING UP the San Jose, Salinas, Ca. shooting of Otis Mitchell Snr.

And why his body disappeared from the Santa Clara County Coroners Office!


In regards to obtaining some long awaited JUSTICE FOR HIS FAMILY!
Victim of Police Cover Up

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