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The Costs of Forcing an Online Haven for Racists Off the Internet

If companies can kick your enemies off the internet today, they can silence your allies tomorrow.

By Jay Stanley, Vera Eidelman
November 13, 2018

What Companies Can Do to Protect Privacy and Free Speech: The ACLU Guide

Safeguarding people’s rights isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also good for business.

By Jacob Snow
October 25, 2018

Amazon Met With ICE Officials to Market Its Facial Recognition Product

We filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding information on whether and how the Trump administration intends to use this technology.

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 24, 2018

Three Big Battlegrounds in the Coming War Over National Privacy Legislation

There's growing consensus over the need for privacy legislation — less so on what it should look like.

By Neema Singh Guliani, Jay Stanley
October 23, 2018

How the TSA’s Facial Recognition Plan Will Go Far Beyond the Airport

Expanding facial recognition takes us down the path towards ever-greater government surveillance.

By Jay Stanley
October 23, 2018

How to Shift Power From the Police to the People

A St. Louis proposal would give local communities more control over police use of surveillance tech.

By Chad Marlow, Sara Baker
October 19, 2018

Why Amazon’s Automated Hiring Tool Discriminated Against Women

It’s the latest example showing the dangers of unchecked artificial intelligence algorithms.

By Rachel Goodman
October 12, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled by the Tech Industry’s Push for Federal Privacy Legislation

Companies see an opportunity to undermine state privacy efforts by replacing them with weak federal protections.

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 5, 2018

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