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Posts yesterday and today in expectation of the House Armed Services Committee hearing. One by mcjoan at Kos, one at FireDogLake, and a lengthy post by Glenn Greenwald.

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A. Gibbs

I'm not going to stop commenting on our situation even if I have to write the same thing every day. My family is being spied upon by the US government who is using Fox News Network to do this and it is wrong. They then take the information they obtain through eavesdropping, give it to neocons in our community who then harass us with this information. Fox and "Friends" is so arrogant, they harass me with our personal information when I turn their program on to see what propaganda they are spreading. This is because I figured out they were spying on us in our home over a year ago, and I verbalized my theory about what was going on in our government and our country to them and other news networks. (to which E.D. Hill stated,"She figured it out.")From that point on, I have been harassed daily. Therefore, if I am wrong, what would be the point of continuing the harassment? The point is I am right. Our government "allowed" the attacks on 911 to give an excuse to the American people to go into Afghanistan and then Iraq, with plans to eventually set up a presence in different countries throughout the world. In conjunction with this plan, they are going to merge with the American Catholic Church so they can have some sort of "moral" sanction in order to be aggressors. That is why my family and I were harassed at so many parishes because if they have id'ed you as not going along with the plan,you can't belong to the"Church". People that are allowed into the "Church" or those who were asked to help set up this institution will have special privileges in this country which includes getting the better of those who are not in the "Church" by having access to their private lives via spying surveillance.(thank you Rupert Murdoch for helping make America a better country-yeah,right!) The bottom line for this agenda is money. Many people, especially Catholics, signed on to this agenda prior to 911. People in my own family knew about 911 before it occurred. It was a family member who turned my family in for surveillance. I found this out at work awhile back. However, murder is never justified for "the greater good", especially if the greater good is for your individual checkbook. Watching those people incinerated on 911 and then waving flags and expressing sympathy to the families who lost loved ones is hypocritical. Invading other countries after making up excuses to do this is never justified. Spreading freedom is noble but if it is not true "freedom" but "freedom" as defined by an arrogant, self-serving government, it is wrong. There are many American citizens out there who have not been signed on to this agenda and need to be informed. I am not going to stop speaking out in any way that has been made available to me. Many innocent people have been hurt by this agenda and more will be hurt down the road.

A. Gibbs

I need to make one more comment. I love the way the people in my community automatically start pointing their fingers at me and calling me "unloving" or "bad" because I disagree with and am speaking out against their agenda. They must truly feel that murder,aggression, harassment, and spying on an innocent family is "good" and "justified" if it is for their personal gain.

A. Gibbs

Just one more thought. If every part of this country that is set up with some type of satellite or cable service (remember Armstrong Cable's slogan: "One Wire-Infinite Possibilities) can be watched through this technology with the excuse of government surveillance ( this I know because we are watched not only in our home but in restaurants, hotels, etc.. if they have a tv), then the government must be watching anyone that they have id'ed as a possible terrorist or threat using these methods. If that is the case, most threats can be thwarted which is a good thing. However, hopefully they don't manipulate these threats for political gain or expediency. Also, a corrupt government, usung this technology, can destroy the lives of anyone they consider an "enemy" - a journalist, writer, political or religious figure-just because they don't agree with them. A word of caution: Be careful what you verbalize aloud in your home. You may end up being considered a political enemy and have to pay the consequences of that.


While I am certainly against the government spying into your personal affairs with an eye towards getting you into trouble when you are only exercising your right of freedom of speech in most cases, there is another viewpoint to be considered. Unless your personal privacy is being abused (think video cameras taking footage of you while you're changing) I don't think that increased government surveillance of telephone calls to foreign countries, emails, facebook profiles and the like should be any problem for any American who has a clear conscience, obeys the law, pays his taxes, and isn't hooked up with anyone that they shouldn't be hooked up with. I don't like the direction that the government has been going for a long time, and I certainly share anyone's frustration in feeling that their privacy is being invaded, but I think that anyone's best bet is to keep a clear conscience, say what you think, and mind your own business the rest of the time. I'm sure that in America or any other Democratic country, that should be more than enough to keep you out of trouble. Now that I've made everyone mad, I will say this. I do think it's wrong for the government to be purposely invading people's lives, their privacy, and their personal affairs by taking video of them with unmanned drones, eavesdropping on their telephone conversations, reading their email using advanced password hacking technology, and planting bugs in their homes to record their personal (and sometimes intimate) conversations. There is absolutely no excuse for this type of invasion of privacy. However, I do not disagree with discreet scanning of telephone calls, not eavesdropping mind you, but simply taking down the length of the calls, and the location from which they were the conversations were conducted. I do think however that the government should be honest about the security measures that they are taking that have the potential to invade someone's privacy.

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