Nelson-Hatch Defeated Thanks to YOU!

You did it!! The Senate just voted 54-45 to table (read: defeat) the Nelson-Hatch abortion coverage ban amendment! Thanks so much to everyone who took action to stop this draconian and backward amendment. Your work truly made a difference!

We are not out of the woods yet. There will almost certainly be other attempts to restrict abortion coverage during the Senate debate on health care reform, and, assuming the Senate passes its bill, we will still need to urge the conference committee charged with reconciling the House and Senate bills to follow the Senate’s lead and keep this — and any other — abortion coverage ban out of the final health care bill. So, please keep the pressure on your members of Congress.

But today, we should all take a moment to revel in this victory for women’s rights and ability to make private health care decisions without government interference. Congratulations, and thank you!

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As a woman and a Christian, I don't think you should gloat about something as sensitive as abortion. As a tax payer, I do not want my tax dollars paying for abortion. Why should my tax dollars pay for a lack in judgment that some woman, in most cases, teenagers made? It appears the ACLU is a non-profit organization of the Democrats and an organization that pretends care about our freedoms. Allie continue to gloat, but my tax dollars will not be donated to an organization like ACLU.


As a tax payer, I don't believe that my contribution should go to bombing innocent people around the world or for supporting big business. Also, using the logic of the person posting before me, I should feel cheated if "my money" goes to pay for some middle-aged man's heart surgery, or diabetes medicine after he chooses to indulge in a lifetime of over eating and sitting on his sofa watching TV. Since he is allowed the freedom to continue to gain weight, smoke cigarettes, and not care about his health I feel that anyone denying a woman the right to abortion under hte same plan is very narrow minded to state that her "lack of judgement" shoud not be covered. As far as the morality of abortion goes, we supposedly live in a country with separation of church and state. Since there is no law against abortion, it must be covered in the same manner as any other health related issue.

Betty Louann

Thank you, senators, for remembering that women are citizens not slaves! I for one don't like to have my tax dollars used to support unwanted children who mothers would have aborted if they had they money. I don't get why Republicans are so down on abortion. They detest spending tax money on poor people. I would think they would make abortion free to anyone.


Betty, setting aside the strong, legitimate feelings some religious people have on when life begins, as a party, Republicans are more interested in control than life. This explains why they are against helping the disadvantaged among us with pre-natal care, nutrition, health services, and education and are in favor of killing innocent people around the world and people found guilty of capital crimes in the US.

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