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Jeff Sessions Leaves a Dark Mark on the Justice Department

Sessions' Justice Department systematically undermined civil liberties and civil rights.

By David Cole
November 9, 2018

President Trump’s Proclamation Suspending Asylum Rights Is Illegal, So We’re Suing

Refugees fleeing violence have a right to declare asylum regardless of how and where they enter the country.

By Stacy Sullivan
November 9, 2018

Before Resigning, Jeff Sessions Handcuffed the Justice Department’s Ability to Police the Police

The former attorney general’s last action all but eliminates federal oversight of abusive law enforcement agencies.

By Kanya Bennett, Carl Takei
November 9, 2018

The White House Unleashes More Attacks on Reproductive Health Care

The White House released rules this week attacking insurance coverage for abortion and birth control.

By Georgeanne M. Usova
November 9, 2018

Jeff Sessions Was the Worst Attorney General in Modern American History

From immigration to transgender rights, Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed contempt for American civil rights and liberties.

November 9, 2018

The Trump Administration Thinks Your Employer Should Make Your Birth Control Decisions

The administration finalized rules allowing employers to deny health insurance for contraception if they object for religious or moral reasons.

By Louise Melling
November 8, 2018

The Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Agenda for the New Congress

Now that the election is over, Congress should take its cue from the electorate.

By Gabriela Meléndez Olivera
November 8, 2018

The 2018 Midterm Elections Were a Big Win for Criminal Justice Reform Ballot Initiatives

Voters made it clear that they’ve had enough of President Trump’s “tough on crime” rhetoric.

By Udi Ofer
November 7, 2018

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