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Marijuana Legalization is a Racial Justice Issue

When it comes to legalizing weed, economic justice for communities of color must be our guiding principle.

By Charlotte Resing
April 20, 2019

We Sued to End the Evils of Cash Bail in Michigan

Money bail traps people of color in a maze that is not justice, and perpetuates mass incarceration and its racial disparities.

By Twyla Carter, Philip Mayor
April 19, 2019

Georgia Police Made Me Remove a Protest Button Because it Had the Word "Fuck" On it

I have a First Amendment right to express my anger about Georgia's proposed abortion ban through peaceful protest.

By Jennifer Hickley
April 19, 2019

Dialing 911 Can Get You Evicted

The eviction of Beverley Somai for calling the police is part of a disturbing trend.

By Sandra Park, Linda Morris
April 18, 2019

Armed Bounty Hunters Raided Our Clients’ Home to Prevent Private Companies from Losing $1,670.

The for-profit bail industry condones trauma and incentivizes violence to improve their bottom line.

By Andrea Woods, Alex Rate
April 17, 2019

There’s No Such Thing as a Right Not to be Called a Nazi

Gavin McInnes’ attempt to silence those who have every right to call him out for his bigoted views should fall flat.

By Vera Eidelman
April 17, 2019

South Dakota Can’t Silence Our Protest Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

The "Riot-Boosting" Act Constitutes Self-Censorship and a Loss of our First Amendment Rights.

By Nick Tilsen
April 17, 2019

Arizona Lawmakers Running Scared After Anti-Boycott Law Ruled Unconstitutional

If legislators know these laws violate the First Amendment, they should repeal them, not pass half-measures designed to thwart judicial review

By Brian Hauss
April 16, 2019

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