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Attorney General Sessions Leads the Charge Against LGBT Rights

Don't be fooled by Attorney Jeff Sessions' attempt to hide his anti-LGBT agenda.

By Ian Thompson
October 18, 2017

Congress Finally Begins the Process of Reforming Warrantless Government Surveillance

We need to keep up the fight to ensure our constitutional rights are protected.

By Neema Singh Guliani
October 10, 2017

Discrimination Is the Big Winner in the Justice Department’s New Religious Guidelines

The Trump administration’s religious-liberty guidelines undermine equality and the separation of church and state.

By Heather L. Weaver
October 6, 2017

Should Your Boss Dictate Your Family Planning Options? President Trump Thinks So.

The administration’s new rule is another blow to women’s health and equality in the name of religious liberty.

By Georgeanne M. Usova, Brigitte Amiri
October 6, 2017

They’re at It Again. To No One’s Surprise, the Senate’s Health Care Repeal Bill Is Awful.

The Graham-Cassidy bill is devastating to programs that serve millions, particularly women and people with disabilities.

By Georgeanne M. Usova, Vania Leveille
September 20, 2017

Jeff Sessions Is Dismantling the Justice Department’s Community Policing Initiative When We Need It Most

The program wasn’t federal intrusion. Local police asked for it to improve relations with the communities they serve.

By Kanya Bennett
September 18, 2017

6 Questions for Trump’s EEOC Nominees: Will LGBT, Disability, and Women's Rights Be Protected?

Workers need the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to keep defending their rights.

By Brian Tashman
September 18, 2017

Congress and Trump Administration Stomp on an Obama-Era Equal Pay Initiative

We need to preserve pay data to begin to achieve true equality in the workplace.

By Vania Leveille
September 14, 2017

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