Close Guantánamo - Activist Toolkit

Document Date: January 10, 2012

Download the Toolkit >>

> Download the CLOSE GUANTÁNAMO factsheet
> Send an E-card: Tell 5 friends about January 11
> Download “Why I’m Wearing Orange Today” for your office or notebook

In the Toolkit:

Sign the Pledge
• Join on Myspace or Facebook
Download factsheet
Sign up for ACLU’s Mailing List

Get an armband
• Send an E-card: Tell 5 friends about January 11
• Add a button to your website
• Get “Why I’m Wearing Orange” for your office or notebook
Print a Poster
• Share the Pledge with Others
• Become an ACLU member to support our work to CLOSE GUANTÁNAMO

Write a Letter to the Editor
Write a Blog Post

Help organize a rally, vigil, or protest in your area
Host a house party
Distribute flyers
Lead a workshop, free school, or set up a J-term course at your college.
Resources for Your Faith Community

• Pledge
• Fact Sheet
• Iron-on
• Web Buttons
• Why I’m Wearing Orange Flyer
• Posters
• Talking Points
• Sample Letter to the Editor
• Curriculum

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