Important Internet Free Speech Litigation

Document Date: November 19, 2002

Current Litigation

ACLU v. Nopalitano
Challenge to Arizona’s Internet Censorship Law
ACLU preliminary injunction brief

Ashcroft v. ACLU
Challenge to Congress’s second Internet censorship law
Web feature

CCADP v. Stewart
Challenge to Arizona ban on Internet prisoner information
Press release
ACLU’s legal complaint
ACLU’s letter to the Arizona Dept. of Corrections

Edelman v. N2H2 Inc.
Suit to protect censorware research from DMCA
Web feature

Melvin v. Doe
Challenging frivolous breaches of online anonymity
Appeal to Superior Court (PDF)
Press release on appeal (02-26-2001)
Motion to quash subpoena
ACLU Brief
Press release on trial court decision (11-15-2000)
AOL Amicus brief

Multnomah County Public Library v. U.S.
Challenge to library Web blocking law
Web feature

Zieper v. Metzinger
Defending film’s Web site shut down by FBI
ACLU complaint

Amicus Filings

DVDCCA v. Bunner
Defending reposter of DVD-cracking software
ACLU brief

Intel v. Hamidi
Disputing claim that unwanted e-mails are trespass
Press release on Amicus filing (05-12-2000)
ACLU brief

Johnson v. Max
Opposing the judicial ruling of prior restraint for someone suing another over a “defamatory” website
ACLU brief

Mathis v. Cannon
Challenging use of Georgia defamation law to quelch online criticism
ACLU brief

Taubman v. Webfeats
Defending right to use trademarks on “gripe” sites
Press release (05-06-2002)
ACLU brief

Yahoo v. La Ligue Contre le Racisme et L’antisemitisme
Defending non-enforceability of French anti-Nazi law
Press release (05-06-2002)
ACLU brief

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