Melvin v. Doe

Document Date: January 15, 2004

ACLU Weighs in on Maintaining Anonymity on Internet Message Boards Without their right to privacy, ACLU says, message board posters may feel their speech is “chilled” in case of Melvin v. Doe

In two legal actions involving free speech and privacy rights online, the American Civil Liberties Union today came to the defense of anonymous speakers who face legal intimidation from those they criticize in cyberspace… The case of Melvin v. Doe is a challenge to a Pennsylvania appeals court judge’s attempt to use the courts to try to ferret out the identify of her critic. More . . . Legal Items

Motion to Quash Subpoena in Melvin v. Doe
ACLU appeal to the Superior Court
ACLU brief in Melvin v. Doe
America Online amicus brief

Press Releases

In Legal First, ACLU Asks Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Protect Anonymous Online Speakers from Legal Intimidation (10/01/2002)

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