Other closed Internet free speech cases

Document Date: May 6, 2002

ACLU Technology and Liberty Program: Closed Cases

ACLU v. Johnson
The challenge to New Mexico’s online censorship law
Press release following New Mexico judge’s injunction
Plaintiffs and their statements

Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition
Challenge to law banning simulated child pornography
Press release on Supreme Court victory
ACLU brief

A&M Records v. Napster
Defense of challenge to Napster music-trading service
Press release on Appeals Court defeat
ACLU brief

Universal Studios v. Reimerdes
Defending distribution of DVD security bypass software
Press release
ACLU brief

U.S. v. Bernstein
Defending right to publish encryption software
Press release announcing submission of Amicus
EFF’s complete collection of case documents
The EPIC amicus brief, in which the ACLU joined

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