Picking up the Pieces - Footnotes

Document Date: May 27, 2015

The following offenses were categorized as “Administrative/Driving:”
Contempt of Court, Expired Boat Registration, Driving After Cancellation of License, Driving After Revocation of License, Driving After Suspension of License, Fail To Pay Parking Fee, Illegal Use of Handicap Parking, Law Violation for Taxi, License Violation, Failure to Make Motor Vehicle Accident Damage Report, Failure to Make Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Report, No Insurance on Motor Vehicle, No Proof of Insurance, No Valid ID, Parole Violation, Possession of False/Alternative ID, Probation Violation, Refusal of Drug and Alcohol Test, Sale of Liquor Without License, Sale of Liquor at Minneapolis Convention Center Without Permit, Violation of Conditional Release, Violation of Handicapped Parking

The following offenses were categorized as “Drugs:”
Drug Paraphernalia, Glue Sniffing, Loitering With Intent to Commit a Narcotics Offense, Possession of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Injection Equipment, Possession of Prescription Drugs, Prescription Drugs Outside of Original Container, Prescription Fraud/Possession of Prescription Drugs

The following offenses were categorized as “Quality of Life:”
Abandoned Property, Alarm Violation/False Alarm, Annoying Amplifiers, Begging/Panhandling, Tampering with Bike/Frame Number/Registration, Block Party Without Permit, Consuming In Public, Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor, Crimes Against Metro Transit, Damage to Property (Graffiti), Destruction of Park Property, Disorderly Conduct, Disorderly House, Disruptive Party, Disturbing the Peace In Park, Dog Disturbing the Peace, Dog Leash/Cleanup Violation, Dumping, Excess Sound from a Motor Vehicle, Firing Fireworks, Games in the Street, House Code Violation, Improper Clothing, Presence in Closed Park, Indecent Conduct, Indecent Exposure, Interfering with Privacy, Interfering With Pedestrian Traffic, Liquor/Intoxicating Beverage In Park, Littering, Littering In Park, Loitering with Intent to Commit Prostitution, Lurking with Intent to Commit a Crime, Moving Liquor from/to Bar, Noise In Quiet Zone, Dancing in Street, Gate Crashing, Open Bottle, Park Board Violations, Park Police, Peddling Without License, Person Obstructing the Sidewalk, Prostitution, Public Urination, Riot, Rollerskating/Skateboarding on Sidewalk, Selling to Drunk/Incompetent, Smoking where Prohibited, Ticket Scalping, Trepassing on School Property, Trespassing, Unauthorized Use of Beach/Swimming, Unlawful Assembly, Unlawful Betting, Unlawful Conduct at Event, Unlawful Exclusion, Unnecessary Noise/Odor, Use of Profanity in Public

The following offenses were categorized as “Status Offenses:”
Consumption of Liquor by a Minor, Curfew Violation, Minor in Possession of or Consuming Tobacco, Misrepresenting Age to Purchase Liquor, “OBS – Status Offenses,” Possession of Liquor by a Minor, Running Away, Truancy