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Reid Rowe,
National Security Project
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February 29, 2008

San Franciscans passing this billboard might think they are looking at a refreshingly honest company’s ad campaign. What they are really seeing is the handiwork of the Billboard Liberation Front, which declares in a press release that it’s celebrating “an extraordinary rendition of a public-private partnership.”

President Bush is resorting to scare tactics to push legislation that would broadly expand the government’s wiretapping ability and grant immunity to the companies that broke U.S. law in complying with his surveillance program. Naturally, he claims that these companies did not break the law-but still, granting them immunity is an “urgent priority.”

Meanwhile, members of the BLF have risked life and limb to bring a message and a smile to an American people sick and tired of fear-mongering.

Now, congressional leaders have to decide whose side they’re on-the President’s, or the people’s.

Image: BoingBoing

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