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A Case of Selective Compassion

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July 10, 2007

One-hundred fifty-two prisoners were executed in Texas during George W. Bush’s governorship, but as President, Bush wouldn’t allow Scooter Libby to serve a single day in a minimum security federal prison. Christopher Hill, state strategies coordinator for the Capital Punishment Project, illuminates the problem between the haves and have-nots on The Huffington Post today:

There has been lots of conversation about the special treatment Libby received as compared to other people convicted of crimes who could benefit from the kind of compassion that Libby received – people who would also like someone to give careful consideration to whether their sentences are “excessive.” Some of those people are on death row, waiting to be executed. While 30 months of Libby’s life were on the line, for these inmates, it’s their life itself that hangs in the balance.

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