Plaintiffs in Multnomah v. US

Web Blocking On Trial:
The Plaintiffs 

Multnomah County Public Library v. United States

List of Plaintiffs: 

Libraries and Library Associations (7) 

  • Multnomah County Public Library (Oregon)    
  • Connecticut Library Association    
  • Maine Library Association    
  • Santa Cruz Public Library Joint Powers Authority    
  • South Central Library System (Wisconsin)    
  • Westchester Library System    
  • Wisconsin Library Association   

    Library Patrons (8) 

  • Mark Brown (Philadelphia, PA)  
  • Emma Rood (Portland, OR)  
  • Sharon Dixon (Philadelphia, PA)  
  • Quiana Williams (Philadelphia, PA)  
  • Bill Rosenbaum (Winthrop, ME)  
  • Jim Geringer (Portland, OR) 
  • Website Authors (9) 

  • Alan Guttmacher Institute    
  • Out in America    
  • Wayne L. Parker    
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America    
  • Jeffery Pollock    
  • The Naturist Action Committee (of The Naturist Society)
  • For more information on issue see the ACLU's introduction to the case.

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