Stories about Racial Profiling

Document Date: June 30, 2003

Racial profiling occurs when the police choose to question, investigate or arrest an individual because of racially motivated preconceptions.

People are therefore considered guilty without trial and are unjustly interrogated by the police simply because of the color of their skin or their national origin. Here are some examples of this occuring:

  • Tulia, Texas – Ten percent of Tulia, Texas’s African American population is arrested on the statements of a single undercover police officer without any corrobarating evidence or witnesses.
  • A pilot removed an Arab American Secret Service agent from a flight when the agent was on his way to President Bush’s ranch in Texas.

For more information on racial profiling and other issues, please visit the ACLU’s Keep America Safe and Free Campaign or the Racial Profiling section. Please become a member of the ACLU and visit the Action Center to get active. Freedom cannot defend itself.

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