Airport security is an important part of keeping Americans safe. However, the government’s approach has all too often been marked by an unfortunate focus on high-tech gimmicks and intrusive information-gathering efforts that not only threaten American values but also fall short as effective ways to secure aviation.

The government should enact procedures that pose the least threat to our civil liberties and are also proven to work. Current procedures, ostensibly designed for our security, have proven ineffective and often give rise to allegations of racial profiling.

The simple step of locking cockpit doors has done far more to protect aircraft in recent years than any of the far more complicated and intrusive measures that have been taken. The government must take all reasonable steps to close any holes in our security, but it must also act wisely and in a manner consistent with our nation’s values. The ACLU has fought against many of the more irrational and intrusive measures, and we maintain our vigilance toward the government’s policies and programs in this area.

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