About the Immigrants' Rights Project

Document Date: June 5, 2018

Staff of the Immigrants’ Rights Project

Spencer Amdur, Staff Attorney
Anand Balakrishnan, Senior Staff Attorney
Ana Sofia Barrios, Family Reunification Paralegal
Katrina Eiland, Deputy Director
Dan Galindo, Staff Attorney
Lee Gelernt, Deputy Director
Jackie Gormley, Office Manager
Omar Jadwat, Director
Wafa Junaid, Skadden Fellow
Stephen Kang, Staff Attorney
Sidra Mahfooz, Staff Attorney
My Khanh Ngo, Staff Attorney
Jaime Paredes, Paralegal
Judy Rabinovitz, Special Counsel
Kelsey Raymond, Paralegal
Jennifer Reyes, Paralegal
Talia Roma, Paralegal
Morgan Russell, Staff Attorney
Oscar Sarabia Roman, Staff Attorney
Hannah Schoen, Staff Attorney
Noelle Smith, Skadden Fellow
Cody Wofsy, Deputy Director
Noor Zafar, Staff Attorney


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