Christopher Anders

Deputy Director,
ACLU Washington Legislative Office

Christopher Anders (@ChrisAndersDC) is deputy director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office, where he represents the ACLU before Congress and the executive branch and is a manager of the growing and dynamic Washington office. Since joining the ACLU legislative team in 1997, Anders has represented the ACLU on a wide range of civil liberties and civil rights issues. Anders now leads the ACLU’s Washington-based advocacy on torture, detention, war authority, and Guantanamo issues. Since 2006, he has led a national coalition of human rights, civil liberties, and religious groups working on detention and Guantanamo issues. He also has served as a human rights observer at military commission proceedings held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Prior to joining the ACLU’s Washington office, Anders spent 11 years with Washington law and lobbying firms.

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